The 15 Most Important Features for Your Portfolio Website
Let’s get started with our list. This is a list of the 15 most crucial things to add on your portfolio website ( mainly on the homepage but the rest of the site as well).


The design you choose can make the difference between turning away the majority of customers and enticing them to bite. This is especially true if you’re a web designer, because your website serves as a showcase for your work. When it comes to portfolio sites, minimalism is the way to go. Because you’re attempting to attract new customers with your work, you should choose a design that draws attention to your portfolio and any company information you include, rather than away from it.

You don’t have to utilise a white or bright colour scheme, but you should employ whitespace and limit your font selection to three. Your colour palette should have a strong contrast, and your font should have a dramatic flare that draws attention to it. Also, avoid using animations that aren’t necessary.

Tagline and Logo

This doesn’t have to be fancy; a basic text-based logo with your name on it would suffice. What matters is your tagline, which can quickly and succinctly represent yourself and the services you offer. This gives people a simple method to see if your services are suited for them before contacting you.

Make your tagline as short as possible while still being descriptive. Although “developer” is descriptive, it falls short of “WordPress developer.” In the same way, “graphic designer based in New York” is more descriptive than “graphic designer.”

Action Is Needed

Recall the choices you made when deciding on the objective of your portfolio website. It will assist you in creating calls to action for your website, especially on the homepage. Are you looking for new clients for your graphic design firm? It would be appropriate to use “Request a Quote” as your call to action.

Determine the goal of your portfolio site and double-check that the action you want customers to perform on landing pages is appropriate.

Images of Excellent Quality

This connects to our first point regarding design. Always ensure that the photographs you use to represent your work are of the greatest possible quality. Photographers, artists, and graphic designers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this. Even if you don’t generate visual works, you should still use photos for presentations, and they should be of good quality.

The images should also be in keeping with the overall aesthetic of your website. Take, for example, the Minimal Photography demo in our Weston theme. It has a dark colour scheme that looks great with the black-and-white images in the demo portfolio.

Customer testimonials

You should make it a practise to ask every client you work with for a testimonial. Write your email in a tone that reflects your professional connection with a certain client. Keep it professional if everything has been about business. Make it casual if you’ve knocked down boundaries and become friendly with a client. Just keep it brief and ask them to offer a one- to five-sentence overview of their experience working with you. It will take time out of their day to read and respond to this email. Keep that in mind.

On the homepage, highlight your greatest testimonials. Sliders are preferred by most developers, though rows can also be used. In the Freelancer sample of our Weston theme, here’s an example of a testimonial slider.

Services are provided.

You might be a photographer or a web designer, but those aren’t the only services you offer to your clients. Create a section on your homepage that lists the services you provide in a concise manner.

Information about how to contact us

One surefire approach to ensure that consumers do not call you for quotations is to make it impossible for them to do so. Make things simple for them by including a contact form or, at the absolute least, a link to your Contact page on your homepage.

Even if you have a contact form on your site, make sure you have a separate contact page. On a portfolio site, it’s preferable to call it “Hire Me,” and it should be packed with the numerous methods clients can reach you. Even if you utilise a contact form, make sure to provide your company email address because some clients prefer it to forms.